Property Tax Compliance Resources
Providing Property Owners the Tax Savings Resources They Need
Our Mission

At PTCR, our mission is to analyze any personal property environment,  multiple locations and/or complex issues, and
comply with state-mandated personal property filing requirements.  We strive to obtain then maintain the lowest possible
tax liability for our clients thereby minimizing their internal costs and maximizing their profit.

Our Objectives

PTCR works with your accomplished personnel to yield the greatest possible return on your company’s investments.  

Our services allow you an advantage by:

  • Enabling your resources to address other pressing financial issues

  • Providing continuity in methodology in the filing of your personal property returns  

  • Applying all necessary adjustments at the time the return is filed including:
    • Classifying your assets to the most favorable depreciation tables
    • Isolating trends that may affect the value of your fixed assets in place
    • Exploring abatement and exemption options
    • Adjusting inventory downward where methodology can be justified
    • Facilitating relationships with your taxing jurisdictions

  • Realizing permanent tax relief in subsequent years

Our Results

PTCR consistently produces results across a multitude of industries.  We are committed to providing solutions to state
and local tax issues that will maximize your tax savings, increase your annual income, and contribute to your profitability
year after year.  
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