Property Tax Compliance Resources
Providing Property Owners the Tax Savings Resources They Need
Our Services

PTCR offers multiple-location property owners a complete range of services designed to minimize their personal
property and real estate tax liability.

Our Senior Tax Professionals examine your accounts each year to determine if a property has been over-assessed and
conduct a full-scale evaluation of the issues specific to your situation prior to the personal property compliance process.  
Once identified, these specific issues are integrated with our expertise in property tax issues and regional personal
property filing requirements to determine how to most effectively challenge your values and minimize your tax liability.  

These services provide numerous benefits and generally include the following:

  • Fixed-Asset Schedules & Inventory Valuation
  • Identifying obsolete and phantom assets
  • Identifying nontaxable and taxable assets for reclassification
  • Taking advantage of the most favorable, justifiable depreciation schedules
  • Knowledge of industry-specific trends to isolate specific value issues
  • Determining inventory eligibility for special assessments, exemptions, or value adjustments

  • Valuation Process
  • Guaranteed adherence to various state filing deadlines and requirements
  • Monitoring of rendered values to proposed assessed values
  • Filing required appeals with assessing authorities, if applicable

  • Savings & Support
  • Preparing assessment-based reports as a tool for adjustment of accruals.
  • First year tax savings that often carry over to subsequent years
  • Customizable reports to support tax planning
  • Proposing property-tax savings strategies to assure minimum tax liability in the future
  • Overall increased profitability

Property Tax Compliance Resources ability to implement the above stated processes and facilitate interactions between
your company and taxing authorities ultimately changes how the assessing authorities value your assets.
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